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Seve BBC Honour

A wonderful distraction from all the lurid shite that has been getting dredge up about Tigger and his liasons with an awful lot of 'cock'tail girls, the BBC and British public have bestowed their Lifetime Achievement Award on the golfing genius Severiano Ballesteros.
The trophy was presented, this evening, by his fellow countryman and Major winner Jose Maria Olazabal live on British TV from Seve's home in Spain. Jose got a wee bit emotional but did manage to hold it together to present the award to Seve without dropping it!
I really hope that Seve will be fit enough to come to St. Andrews in July 2010. It will be f!?%$?*g amazing to see theiconic golfer back on the Old Course...if only for the Past Champions match which will be played over the 1st, 2nd. 17th & 18th of the Old course on the eve of the tournament.

The construction work for the repositioned tee on the 17th Road hole at the Old Course, St. Andrews, has been completed. The new tee, pictured below, is on the same line increasing the length of the hole by 35 yards, from 455 - 490 yards.

The original championship tee that we shared with the professionals for our medal play is pictured below. This will obviously remain and I suppose if conditions got too extreme, God forbid the thought, the R&A would have the option of bringing the play forward.

You've got to be looking forward to seeing some drives struck from the new tee, now that it has once again become an intimidating drive, on the world of golf's most famous par 4.