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Golf: A Small World

One can be assured, at least once a week, as I caddie over the legendary links of St. Andrews that the subject 'golf's small world' will pop up. This was highlighted on last Wednesday when my caddie buddie Scotty & I were asked to go straight down to the New Course from the 18th green of the Old Course, and catch up with a x4ball that had teed off and would probably be on the 2nd green by the time we got there. So it proved.
A view to the 4th & 5th green of the New Course 
After introductions and a few holes under or belt we were standing upon the green of the wonderful par4 6th when Scotty mentioned that walking down the 4th fairway was Hank, my R&A member from San Francisco, who had waved across in recognition. Good to see his familiar gait upon the links again, out for a bounce game and a couple of weeks practice before the R&A Autumn Medal. One of the golfers we were looking after, Bart, asked who it was as he dissapeared from view and on our reply he gas…

Old Course Tee Times 2012

Hello golfers, a wee note to inform you that now would be an excellent time to prepare your golfing dream of playing the Old Course, St. Andrews next year, 2012.

The 18th green Old Course 2010 Open Championship
Applications for advanced Old Course tee times, priced at face value, will be accepted by the St. Andrews Links Trust on Wednesday 7th September. A maximum of x8 golfers can be submitted on the form which can be found at the following link:

The Old Course 'open' for play after the 2010 Championship
Caddie Golf Tours will be happy to assist you in understanding the application or answering any questions that you may have about golf, accommodation and transport here in Scotland. We look forward to hearing from you soon, cheers.

Oystercatchers Golf Society at the Dukes, St Andrews

The Oystercatcher Golf Society, minus a couple of members, met up for an improptu weekend in St. Andrews and some golf in the area. Arrival was late Friday afternoon and as I had managed to finish my 2nd caddie round at 5.45pm we got to meet at the Strathtyrum Course just after 6.00pm.
Boyne was knackered. Might have been due to a 07.04am tee time on the New Course, following by a second round caddy round over the Old Course finishing about 17.30pm. I thought I was going to meet LB, Alistair & Mary on the Strathtyrum around the 9th hole...but due to some delays on their journey to St Andrews I bounced into them at reception area and found myself playing 18. A grand 54 holes golf was a wee bit under par but good fun!
Oystercatchers Golf Society members at the Dukes Course, St Andrews
After a good nights sleep, assisted by a couple of glasses of wine, we regroup and travelled to the wonderful 'Heathland' Dukes Course based a couple of miles south of St Andrews.…