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Golf Shoes for 2016

Last month, after 6 years, my lovely comfortable Lambda brown brogue golf shoes eventually split along the base of the sole. A sad day. It had been sort of expected and I knew towards the end of last year that they would never see through another golf season.

Time to move on and at the back of my mind, over these last 5 or 6 weeks, I have been thinking how to replace a favourite golf shoe. Yesterday, while strolling around St Andrews after a our visit to the Kingsbarns Distillery we popped into Auchterlonies golf shop who were having their annual Easter Sale, and there they were...a light tan brogue golf shoe, just for Boyne...FORE!

Kingsbarns Distillery, St Andrews

With unpredictable weather yesterday and having golfed the Eden Course St Andrews on Good Friday with our Easter weekend guests we decided to take a day out and visit the Kingsbarns Distillery, located 1/2 mile outside our village of Kingsbarns.

I have been several times to the Kingsbarns Whisky Distillery, naturally, it was founded by a fellow caddie and now friend Doug Clement and it was truly wonderful witnessing his dream project of bringing a whisky distillery to Fife come to reality.

The first bottles of Kingsbarns Malt Whisky will be available in mid 2018 and in the meantime the gift shop offers a wide selection of Wemyss malt whisky's and their speciality gins. The Wemyss family links to the whisky industry go back to the 1800s and in Scotland they have been a prominent family since the 1500s. They have joined with Doug to produce and promote Kingsbarns Malt Whisky.

Our guests enjoyed their wee visit to the Distillery and we certainly look forward to many more whisky tour…

Old Course Caddies Professional Course Guide

The 2016 Old Course Caddies Professional Course Guide has been collated by our good friend and St Andrews Caddie David Coyne with the assistance of legendary St Andrews golf historian, artist, and actor David Joy.

These great little Old Course books are used by the St Andrews caddies to assist guiding their man around the links and the good caddies will study them for run outs to rough, distances to bunkers, danger areas from the tees and the safe areas of the course for their golfer.

They are an invaluable resource for the caddie/golfer and a super little gift to plan and play out your round to come or just golfed. The Old Course Caddie Course Guides are now available from local St Andrews golf shops, Guest Houses and unsurprisingly quite a few of the local pubs like the Dunvegan Bar and 1 Golf Place both located 120 yards from the Old Course 18th green.