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Golf on Old Course St. Andrews in 2013

A number of advanced and secured 2013 tee times for golf on the Old Course at St. Andrews have been released and are available to all golfers via Caddie Golf Tours.  

We can access dates in April, May, June, July and a couple of days in October of 2013. Now is the time that you have a wee chat with three of your best golfing partners and persuade them that this is the year to fulfill that dream of golfing on the great links at St. Andrews.

Caddie Golf Tours will be applying for these Old Course tee times on Wednesday 9th January 2013 and to do so we will require the following information to proceed:

name of Lead Golfer names of golfers handicaps of golfers golf club memberships dates available to play
Please do not hesitate to contact me at Caddie Golf Tours via email, G+ or Facebook for more information on how you and your golfing partners can be teeing it up at St. Andrews just as the Thomas Party, above, did in August of 2012.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, cheers, John.

American Caddie in St. Andrews

Oliver, our good friend from New York, who seems to have been hanging around the Old Course in St. Andrews for as long as my 11 years has been diligently working away on his book in-between golfing, caddying on the legendary links golf courses of St. Andrews and attending classes at Harvard University.
Every year sometime around mid May, much like a returning migratory bird, Oliver Horovitz swings round in front of the R&A clubhouse, strolls down the gentle slope to the St. Andrews Caddie Pavilion, wearing a big wide smile and one of his trademark baseball caps perched in a manner and tilt that is unique to those of a younger generation from the USA. A warm handshake and 'hey...whats happening'? Oliver has returned for another summer on the Links of St. Andrews...and it is a better place because of it.
Truly looking forward to reading and recognising a few of the people and incidents within the book which is released early next year. I …

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