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A History of Golf

Last evening we attended the book launch of 'A History of Golf' written by our friend Roger McStavrick, at the wonderful book store Topping & Co here in St Andrews.

Roger is a golf historian, author and local St Andrews golfer who over the last 3 years has published the award winning 'St Andrews, In the Footsteps of Tom Morris' and the delightful children's book 'Little Tommy Morris'.

A lovely evening hosted by Topping & Co with Roger regaling the audience with some selected golf stories from his extensive research in St Andrews and further afield. A joy to meet up again and arrange that round on the Old Course in October...Fore!

Old Course St Andrews Duck Update!

We are delighted to report that the wee ducklings are still with us on the Old Course at St Andrews. There have been a few casualties but the mother does have 3 little ducklings to guide and look after.