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Breaking 70 with a 69!

It has been a long time coming...only 31 years... but I've finally broken 70 on a golf course for the second time. Played the round today at Clober GC based in Milngavie, Glasgow on a damp Sunday afternoon and surprised myself when we got into the clubhouse for our post round beer and totaled up the score.

Boyne, 11th green at Clober GC  a couple of years ago.
I knew I was playing pretty good but thought that the 7 strokes taken on the 7th hole and the sloppy bogey at the last had put me into the mid 70's. But after doing the sums on my playing partner Matt's card we then started on mine and both had to do a double take on the total.

As the wonderful Scottish golf professional Heather MacRae says "If you can do it once, you can do it again!"

God I hope Heather is correct and it does not take another 30+ years!

Just for the golf geeks the card follows below, Out:4,4,3,4,2,4,7,4,3 = 35 (14 putts) In:  6,4,3,3,4,3,3,3,534 (15 putts)

The Ballot (tee times) for Wednesday's play upon the Old Course has been effected by the volcanic ash eruptions on Iceland due to airline cancellations, as can be seen with the amount of free spots available. There does not look to be any great improvement in the days ahead for people entering which means fewer caddie jobs to go round those registered caddies at St. Andrews. The other main golf courses with caddies, Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, Royal Troon, Turnberry etc will also be suffering.

Ballot for the Old Course Wednesday 21st April:

TimePlayer OnePlayer TwoPlayer ThreePlayer FourClub Name7.00ELLIOT TIM7.10ARIAWA TSOPO TYENO HTARADA KTA ATIYO GC