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Christmas Golf St Andrews

My brother, David, arrived for his annual Christmas visit to our village of Kingsbarns and I thought it would be good fun to get him out golfing again, it is 14 years since he last swung a club!

Realistically the Old Course is too difficult for David now so we popped down to the fun Strathtyrum Course, here at the St Andrews Links. Played 14 holes, laughed a lot, searched for golf balls in the gorse bushes, hit some great shots and sank a few good putts!

A successful round of winter golf on the Strathtyrum Course St Andrews, we are now ready for a good dinner and some Christmas cheer...Fore!

St Andrews Golf Club 2018

My own lovely Christmas gift of a 2018 St Andrews Golf Club membership came through the post today.

This is a special year for the St Andrews Golf Club, established in 1843, it is celebrating 175 years with events, dinners, a club photograph out on the steps behind the Old Course 18th green and a few golf competitions sprinkled through the year.

The 2018 fixture list, above, seems fuller than usual with a number of 175th celebratory competitions being played on the Old course on a Sunday which is very rare. I will be getting my 2018 calendar out and marking off these competitions dates...Fore!

Old Course St Andrews 8th Tee Changes

When out on the Old Course St Andrews last week we witnessed alterations being made to the tee on the Par 3 8th, named 'Short'. This plays 166 yards from our St Andrews competition tee and 154 yards from the standard visitor tee.

Over the last 30 years or so the 8th has been played at 175 yards during the Open Championship and it will be interesting to see the finished tee position and whether they use it during next years Old Course 2018 British Seniors event?