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Vikings v Celts at Kingsbarns Golf Links

The annual golf match between the Vikings and Celts took place on Saturday 26th April at the magnificent Kingsbarns Golf Links, situated 7 miles south of St. Andrews.

Our Swedish golfers have been coming to St. Andrews for over ten years and strong friendships have been forged which has resulted in this grand match against the Caddies and members of the St. Andrews Caddies Golf Club.

This year nine matches were played and Celts narrowly win by 5 1/2 - 3 1/2 points. My game against Kenneth ended with Boyne holing a 5 foot putt on the 18th to secure a halved match. No pressure!

A big thank you to all the competitors, the staff and caddies at Kingsbarns Golf Links for their contribution to a super day of golf at such a wonderful location. We know we are very fortunate and look forward to the return match in 2015...Fore!

Scotland & Caddie Golf Tours

I registered for the 2014 Caddie season on the Links at St. Andrews in early March and began carrying a bag at the end of the month with our returning golfers from Ireland being my first clients. Always good to see the lads from Cork and Dublin...with a pint or two enjoyed in good company post round.

The caddying has been a little stop and start for me on the St. Andrews Links this April due in part to the high number of caddies that have been taken on at the beginning of the season, and the rotation system thus employed, but also the interest in Caddie Golf Tours over the last couple of years has lead to an increase in Scottish Golf Tours and inquiries for 2014/15 that the team are now concentrating on and enjoying organising.

The range of nationalities arriving this year encompasses our very own Scotland, neighbours England and Ireland, France, Sweden, Canada and the USA who are all looking to Caddie Golf Tours for advice and guidance to visit, golf and enjoy Scotland.

There is so …

Dunvegan Hotel & Bar Taxi?

The St. Andrews University students are providing a different mode of transport for the patrons and caddies of the Dunvegan Bar here in St. Andrews, situated 120 yards from the Old Course, for one day only !...?...

The reason for the horse & cart carriage today was the historic St. Andrews University 'Kate Kennedy Parade', the official history and description follows:

Each year thousands of students and citizens gather on the cobbled streets of St Andrews to watch Scotland’s oldest historical pageant. At 2pm on Saturday 12th April, the annual Kate Kennedy Procession will leave the medieval gates of St Salvator’s College.

The Procession traces its origins to the adoration by students of the niece of Bishop Kennedy, the founder of St Salvator’s College, the oldest in the University. This niece was Lady Katharine Kennedy, affectionately known as Kate, the fairest and most beautiful woman in her day. The part of Kate is traditionally played by a first year male student, whose i…

April Golf in Scotland

A note to inform all that the majority of courses will be bringing to an end their reduced pricing structure that is in operation during the winter months and the first couple of weeks April. The High Season (full price) golf prices in Scotland will begin on Monday 13th April, 2014, though there will be a few exceptions.
These photographs of the New Course, snapped yesterday, show just how good the weather has been this last week in St. Andrews, great conditions for links golf...there has been some wind!
Please remember to contact Caddie Golf Tours if you have any questions about golfing in Scotland this year or golf 2015. We will be happy to discuss and arrange your trip to the Home of Golf...Fore!

Castle Course St. Andrews

This morning we are booked on the Castle Course, opened in 2008, it is the most recent of the fantastic golf courses in the collection around the historic old town of St. Andrews.

The Castle Course came in for some criticism when it was opened and this was primarily aimed at the greens which the golf course architect, David McLay Kidd and his DMK design company, 'over egged' with some rather severe contouring. Thankfully, as the course has matured, the St. Andrews Links Trust have listened to the feedback from the local and visiting golfers and in each of the last four years the greenkeeping staff have set about making those greens more playable during the winter maintenance period.

The spectacular cliff top setting of the golf course is inspiring with the ocean visible from every tee and the ancient spires of St. Andrews being used as a delightful backdrop.

I really like the Castle Course. It is fun. It was not built to be an Open Championship venue, the Old Course is just down…