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St. Andrews Cathedral & Tom Morris Grave


2013 Golf

I truly love this time year...sure it is cold and one has to wear the appropriate clothing but it is good to get out on the golf course and swing a club. Golf 2013 is just around the corner with the, hoped for, warmth of a Scottish Spring replacing the brutal cold of January and February.

St. Andrews 2013 Golf Tours

A good day at Caddie Golf Tours with two of our 2013 'St. Andrews Golf Tours' being settled this morning.

Looking forward to meeting the x12 strong 'Lindsay Party' from the Chicago area and the 'Coffey Couples' from Boston staying at the Macdonald Rusacks and Fairmont St. Andrews hotels respectively during May 2013.

Victory! Old Course St. Andrews.

John Boyne, Caddie.

I began my caddie career at the St. Andrews Links by chance not by design. My wife had encouraged me to attend a four day course being held in St. Andrews by the then Caddie Master, Rick MacKenzie, who after it was finished invited me to join his caddie Team for the summer of 2002. I thought that one summer caddying on the Old Course was too good an opportunity to miss for an enthusiastic golfer like myself, so I accepted. I am still here.

There is a lot to enjoy about working on the St. Andrews Links not least the friendships that have been made with my fellow caddies and golfers from across the world. These are ties that remain strong and true. It is also amazing to think that you have become a link to caddies and golfers that have gone before stretching back centuries.

A few golfers that stand out from the +1500 rounds I have caddied at St. Andrews were the courageous blind lady golfer who went round the Old Course in 124 shots, a determined one armed golfer that b…