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St. Andrews Re-Branded

The St. Andrews Links Trust has completed a' rebranding' of all signs and notices associated with the golf courses under their guidance. Black is now the accepted background.

The previous signs were blue in colour and had been that way since I arrived at the links back in 2002.

Scaffolding at Old Course St. Andrews

Work has begun on the rennovations to the iconic Martyrs' Monument that sits atop the hill, on the Scores Road, behind the 18th green of the Old Course here in St. Andrews. The 32 foot obelisk was built in 1843 to commemorate the four Protestant men who were burnt at the stake between 1520 and 1560: Patrick Hamilton, Henry Forrest, Paul Craw and Walter Myln. The monument is a popular aiming point for the golfers on the 18th tee of the Old Course. As work begins on the Martyrs' Monument the scaffolding that has been a prominent feature around the red sandstone building, Hamilton Grand, immediately behind the 18th green of the Old Course for the last two years is now being removed. External work is nearing completion and I believe the showrooms and bar will be open to the public at the beginning of October. The building was originally built as a luxury hotel by Thomas Hamilton almost 100 years ago. It was taken over by the Ministry of Defence during the 2nd World War and then by St.…

House for Sale 18th Fairway Old Course


Pure Golf: Match Play

18th green Old Course, St. Andrews

My golfer from San Francisco, HK, won his match yesterday on the 20th hole! We were all square (even) going up the 18th of the Old Course where HK sank a good 4 foot putt to take the match done the 1st extra hole. Then on the 1st green we had another 4/5 foot putt to take the game to the next hole...HK sinks it!As we leave the first green and go to the 2nd tee HK tells me, with a steely stare that ...Expand this post »
The R&A GC dominate the Old Course tee times over the next two weeks as can be seen by clicking on the link to the Old Course Ballot below.
St. Andrews Old Course Tee Times

The 17th Road hole green, Old Course St. Andrews

2013 Old Course Tee Times.