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St. Andrews Caddie Pavilion

There had been talk for a number of years about the suitability of the Old Course Caddie Pavilion and the number of caddies that use it day in, day out, whether it really was 'fit for purpose' now that we are into the second decade of the 21st Century.

There will be 140-160 registered caddies working the St. Andrews golf courses during the height of the season and this wee building has had its' day. It was demolished at the end of the 'official' 2013 golf season, in November, and a temporary pavilion has been installed 100 yards down the right side of the 1st fairway.

A little bit of the romance may have disappeared, but it is temporary.

I have known this old building since the spring of 2002 when I first came, anxiously, strolling past the R&A Clubhouse and 1st tee of the Old Course to be accepted, hopefully, into the ranks of St Andrews' caddies.

With a score or more guys hanging around the outside of the pavilion, and another 20 or so inside I remember …

2014 St. Andrews Old Course Tee Times

Advanced Old Course tee times for the 2014 golf season can still be purchased through Caddie Golf Tours. Late notice has informed us that we have access to the Old Course in April, May, June with a few spots still remaining in July.

For those golfers interested in making the golfing pilgrimage to St. Andrews for two, three or more nights, please let us know your preferred month of travel by January 7th 2014 and we can begin to put in place your trip to the Home of Golf.

Golfers, Old Course, July 2013

What a delightful surprise last week when opening my gmail to find a raft of photographs, taken in July of this year, of returning golfer Joshua Olson, his playing partners and yours truly on the Old Course at St. Andrews.

This was a lovely set of photographs to receive from Josh that brought back good memories of a truly wonderful summer spent in St. Andrews. I hope you all enjoy them and we at Caddie Golf Tours look forward to assisting you to golf here in Scotland...FORE!