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St. Andrews Golf Club 2011 Photograph

The St. Andrews Golf Club had asked as many members as could be available to congrgate today, Sunday 31st July, at 1.00pm on the steps adjacent to the 18th green of the Old Course for an 'official club photograph'. I believe the last one taken was 2000, over 10 years ago. There have been a few new additions to the club since then, I being one of them, and a few stalwart members have sadly passed on.
The St. Andrews GC getting into position.
Our man in charge taking control, requesting focus!
As I did not have a dark blazer but was wearing a white shirt, with the addition of a recently purchased St. Andrews GC tie, I decided that the back row was a good place to be. I am the second head from the left.

A good photo of the golf club members, 2011. 

A Wet Old Course, St. Andrews

I had, thankfully, completed my 2nd round of the day at 5.00pm an hour before this deluge swamped the Old Course here in St. Andrews and was making my way back to the car after my post round beer in the Dunvegan Bar. It was raining hard and had been for the last 30 minutes but I certainly did not expect this scene.

The flooded18th with golfers in the fairway!
I heard one of the guys in the fairway shout to his playing partners: "If you make the green I'll give the putt!" You really cannot script sane person would believe you.

The Golf Space in St Andrews

Tony Korogolos and crew arrived on Friday of last week for their stay in the 'Auld Grey Toon' and CaddieGolf Tours managed to get the 4ball on the Old Course, St Andrews, at 16.50pm that very evening. An excellent result.
I caddied for the Golf Guru and assisted his close buddies as best I could, they had been traveling for goodness knows how many hours. Our boy shot a solid round from the White Medal Tees of 81. Could do better and certainly did the following morning as we got the 4ball a 07.10am tee time back on the Old Course. I believe the guys may have had a maximum of 5hours sleep and were running on total excitement about playing the Old, again. Marvelous stuff.
Tony K. perched atop an Old Course Bunker...he was not in it! 
Caddies were taken for the group which took a major burden of my shoulders allowing me to concentrate on the kid, Tony K. We managed a 77, again from our White Medal tees here on the Old. An excellent round with just a couple of wee blips that I shall n…