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Golf Balls for St Andrews Golf Season

On completing my golf today on the Strathtyrum Course at St Andrews I finished the round with 2 golf tees and, on inspection, a rather odd collection of golf balls, none of which were in pristine condition.

It was time to get my light pencil golf bag into the house and empty all 3 pockets(!) of the accumulated rubbish, old golf balls, some used camera batteries, and chewing gum that I have no idea how long it has been in the bag.

The old golf balls have been removed and dropped into the 'shag bag' for practice and replaced with a dozen new Titleist with the Boyne mark of 2 red & 2 blue dots. The tee bag has been filled, pencil sharpened, ball markers and divot tool placed into the side pocket.

Winter golf at St Andrews is over. The golf bag has been given its Spring clean and I am ready for a grand 2016 golf season on the legendary Old Course St Andrews...Fore!