American Caddie in St. Andrews

Oliver, our good friend from New York, who seems to have been hanging around the Old Course in St. Andrews for as long as my 11 years has been diligently working away on his book in-between golfing, caddying on the legendary links golf courses of St. Andrews and attending classes at Harvard University.

Ollie blasting it on the range at Dukes Course St. Andrews
Ollie wins a hat (!) at St. Andrews Caddie's Golf Day
Every year sometime around mid May, much like a returning migratory bird, Oliver Horovitz swings round in front of the R&A clubhouse, strolls down the gentle slope to the St. Andrews Caddie Pavilion, wearing a big wide smile and one of his trademark baseball caps perched in a manner and tilt that is unique to those of a younger generation from the USA. A warm handshake and 'hey...whats happening'? Oliver has returned for another summer on the Links of St. Andrews...and it is a better place because of it.

Truly looking forward to reading and recognising a few of the people and incidents within the book which is released early next year. I have attached the 'blurb' from the Amazon page advertising it:

Book Description

2 May 2013
In the middle of Oliver Horovitz's high school graduation ceremony, his mobile rang: It was Harvard. He'd been accepted, but he couldn't start for another year.

A caddie since he was twelve and a golfer sporting a 1.8 handicap, Ollie decides to spend his gap year in St. Andrews: a town with the U.K.'s highest number of pubs per capita and home to the Old Course, golf's most famous eighteen holes, where he enrolls in the St. Andrews Links Trust caddie trainee program. Initially, the notoriously brusque veteran caddies treat Ollie like a pest. But after a year of waking up at 4:30 A.M. every morning and looping two rounds a day, Ollie earns their grudging respect, only to have to pack up and leave for Harvard.

There, Ollie's new classmates are the sons of Albania's UN ambassador, the owner of Heineken, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Surrounded by sixth generation legacies, he feels like a fish out of water all over again and can't wait to get back to St. Andrews. Even after graduation, when his college friends rush to Wall Street, Horovitz continues to return each summer to caddie on the Old Course.

A hilarious, irresistible, behind-the-scenes peek at the world's most celebrated golf course and its equally famous caddie shack; AN AMERICAN CADDIE IN ST. ANDREWS is certain to not only entertain golfers and fans of St. Andrews but also anyone who dares to remember stumbling into adulthood and finding one's place in the world.


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