Old Course 2018 Autumn/Winter work

We are now at the end of October 2018 and the visiting golfers, as well as daylight, are slowly disappearing as we head into the our quieter winter season.
Old Course 16th fairway.
The St Andrews greenkeepers have been tasked with moving the pathway that runs alongside the right side of the Old Course from the 2nd hole, Dyke, through to the 6th hole, Heathery out, at the request of the R&A.
Old Course 5th tee, right side.
The R&A want the pathway moved and widened to accommodate the increasing volume of spectator and vehicle traffic that has now become apart of the modern Open Championship.

Old Course 5th fairway & New Course 3rd tee.
Initially this meant the removal of the golf ball grasping gorse bushes that run down the right side of the Old Course fairway and left side adjacent New Course.

Old Course rain shelter at 6th tee.
The old rain shelter that has sat next to the Old Course 6th tee for my 17 years here at St Andrews, and goodness knows how long before that, has been raised to the ground, fairwell.

Old Course 6th tee and rain shelter. 
Rain shelter removed.
With the old rain shelter now removed the routing for the new road can be seen to the right of the hill that is front right of the Old Course 6th tee. As we progress through the Autumn and winter we will continue to monitor and record the new road.


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